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Ancient Judicial System of India

The present book is a unique collection of rules of Ancient Judicial System of India. The present book deals with Legal System of Ancient Indian Society. Hindu religious scriptures have ample provisions of Law. Its shows that judiciary under ancient system was not only important but also indispensable. It was noteworthy that legal Rules,Political Rules were mixed under ancient system. In the present book the first four chapters relate to ancient Indian Political concepts and the functioning of the state and its administration. In subsequent four chapters, an attempt has mad to investigate the basic legal concepts during the period as well as the mode and methods for the administration of justice. Again three chapters deals with property law, varna legislations and laws on family. Finally last two chapters deals with judicial and administrative system during Mughal period. Lastly, conclusion has been drawn and future prospects have been traced.

All important provisions of Civil Law, Criminal Law, Administrative Law, Constitutional Laws, Family Law and finally Rules Recording functioning of government and court have been described. An attempt has been made to focus light over all legal provisions of Vedas, smriti and other religious scriptures having legal touch. All above provisions have been quoted to make concept clear in Ancient sense. Present utility of these provisions have also been discussed.

Contents of this book include: Part 1:Origin of State; Kingship; Mantri Parishad; Lok Sewaks; Vyavahara(Civil Law); Courts(Nayalaya); Part 2: Crime and Punishment; Ordeals; Property Law; Varna Legislation; Laws of Family; Rights and Duties in Ancient India; Judicial and Administrative System in Mughal Period; Administrative System in Mughal Period; Conclusion and Future Prospects.


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