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Judge Dr. Gokulesh Sharma Ph.D. (Law)

Date of Birth

01.06.1958 at Mathura, U.P., India

Father's Name :
Late Shree Sanwal Das Hakim

Permanent Address

Mandi Ram Deeg Gate, Mathura, U.P., India

Education Scenario

B.Com., M.A. (Politics), LL.M., Ph.D. (Law) All degrees from Agra University Agra, U.P.

Professional Theme
Solicitor & Advocate in Civil, Criminal appellate and Constitutional field from June 1980 to August 1984 in District Courts Mathura and Supreme Court of India at Delhi.

Literary Distinctions



L.L.B. University Topper's 1979



L.L.M. University Topper's 1982



University Medals for best student of L.L.B., L.L.M. & Merit Holder of Agra University, Agra, India.



M.A. (Politics) 4th Position Holder of Agra University of 1984.



Ph.Ph.D. (Law) in Constitutional filed in the year 1991.
Topic "Critical Study & Historical analysis of relationship between fundamental rights and directive Principals, a view of Social Justice. The book 'Human Rights & Social  Justice' received Presidential Recognition by presentation to his Excellency, Dr. Shanker Dayal Sharma, the then President of India, on 14.03.97. In Rashtrapati Bhawan,New Delhi, India. His Excellency appreciated the book and asked me for constitutional Reforms. The book 'future of law and justice' and 'Indianization of rights and duties' received Presidential Recognition by presentation to his Excellency, Dr. AP J Abdul Kalam the then President of India, on 14.01.2005.. In Rashtrapati Bhawan,New Delhi, India. His Excellency appreciated the book and asked me for Legal Reforms so that common men can get justice without delay and expenses.



First book titled as "HUMAN RIGHTS & SOCIAL JUSTICE" 1997  Published from Deep & Deep, NEW DELHI having analytical study of Constitutional Provisions of 39 foreign Nations.



Second Book titled as "HUMAN RIGHTS & LEGAL REMEDIES" 1999 published from DEEP & DEEP, NEW DELHI. The book covers the Comparative Study of HUMAN RIGHTS & Constitutional Rights of 22 Nations.



Two others books- "future of law and justice" 2003 and "indianization of rights and duties" 2004 published by Manas publication, Delhi.



"Select constitutions of the world" 2005 in two volumes covering constitutions of 30 nations along with international and historical documents and "constitutions of SAARC nations" 2007 covering fundamental laws of all SAARC nations have been published by deep & deep, New Delhi.
Two books "Legal system of the world" 2007 and "ancient judicial system of India" 2007  have been published by Deep & Deep, New Delhi.
Philosophical book in two volume on principles of "jurisprudence & basic legal theories" 2007 have also been published by Deep & Deep Publications.



One book to common man about the ridiculous and obsolete laws whose implementation is not possible or forbidden by any law has been published in Hindi by description "vichitra kanoono ka sangraha" 2007.
One book for the causes of women & their rights under the name "Feminine jurisprudence in India" 2007 has also been published by Deep & Deep.

Law of Evidence:- All the trials in court of Law are conducted on the Basic of evidence of both parties. Now this is a question how evidence is to be conducted and recorded. The proper solution lies under evidence act. This book has tried to elaborate legal principles with help of Case law for collecting and recording of evidence. Evidence is real proof of a particular fact, which has been described in this book.
Code of Criminal Procedure :- Every criminal trial is meant for the result of conviction for punishment of culprit and liberty to innocent. How criminal court trial should be conducted, it has been described in Code of Criminal Procedure. The present book has detailed study of Code of Criminal Procedure with help of case laws for clear cut proceedings of criminal trial in court of law.
Supreme Court on Words and Phases:- The Honorable Apex Court has defined several Words & Phases which have not been defined either in Code or acts by legislatures or in case of ambiguity. interpretation is also given by Apex Court to clarify the underlining meaning of the Word & Phase. I have tried to incorporate nearby all Words and Phases defined or clarified by Apex Court for better interpretations in their application into legal principles.
L.R. Manual:- This book has been prepared for use by the Government of Uttar Pradesh to carry out the working of the Ministry of Law and Justice in the state of Uttar Pradesh. It was not updated since 1972. I got it updated for the better working of Ministry of Law and Justice in the state of U.P. when I was the special law secretary.
More than 15 titles are either under preparation or in press.


Working Experience & Qualifications:



Appointed as a Judge in District Court in September 1984 and working as a judge since then then disposed so far 48 thousands of Civil, Criminal cases, which is record in itself for disposal in such a short span of 32 years of Judicial Services.



Highest Qualified Judge in Uttar Pradesh, holding Doctorate degree in Law fastest & quickest disposal of cases.

      Professional affiliations:
A   Guest speaker (Professor) to Lucknow University, Lucknow, Dr. Ambedkar University, Agra, Chaudhary Charan Singh University, Meerut, Chhtrapati Sahujee Maharaj University, Kanpur, Chanakya National Law University, Patna, Amity University, Lucknow and Delhi as well as to University of Petroleum and Energy Studies, Dehradun.
B   Life member of Indian law Institute, Delhi and central India law Institute, Jabalpur.
C   Visiting faculty of Law in Ram Manohar Lohia National Law University, Lucknow
      Academic and community services:
A   Participation in various seminars. Regular writer of articles to national daily newspapers in Hindi and English. Actively busy in social and welfare services through various national level clubs, trusts and authorities.
      Interests and hobbies:
A   Study of ancient laws along with various religious views on various legal and constitutional topics.
A   To assure equality, fraternity and justice to all keeping in mind the idea of establishment of 'ramRajya' as contemplated by Gandhi Ji.
B   To rise indian legal and judicial system to heights at international scene as it were in ancient India as described by our freedom fighter stalwarts.

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