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Feminine Jurisprudence in India

The worldly affairs are not complete without woman. No one can come into existence without mother. Motherhood is a essential aspect of society and always respected and remembered in every walk of life, in every part of society, in jungle, even in animals and birds. Motherhood is a predominant factor which can not be ignored. It is a disappointing feature of our society that motherhood and womanhood is not respected in due sense, rather it is ignored. Without commenting upon any nation, how so ever progressive or advanced these may be, their feeling toward woman is not proper. They think woman only inferior to them and subject to their rule.The book has been written with special reference to woman in India. Relevant instances of foreign countries have also been adopted.

The book has been divided into six chapters. First chapter deals with introduction, i.e. problems of woman. Second chapter deals with the philosophy why man is reasonable why not woman in legal sense. Third chapter describes feminist approaches of human rights, i.e. special human right of ladies. Fourth chapter is with regard to legal education of woman in India. Fifth chapter is a detailed study of comparative human right of woman and man. Sixth and final chapter is a conclusion what should be done in India in future for woman.


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