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Human Rights and Legal Remedies

Human rights have been a matter of serious concern in the past and precious and fascinating in the present time. It has roots in all the great events of the world. In all societies human beings display certain needs which must be fulfilled, if they are to survive and develop their own way of life as well as for the society. Various national governments in their constitution and international agencies in their convenants or declarations, have incorporated human rights as a need of the present day society. Stern actions are taken on the violation of human rights at both national and international level.

The present book has been divided in three major parts and eight chapters. First part deals with historical background both at national and international level. It also deals with the concept, definition and classification of universal and national human rights. International human rights have been classified on the basis of historical ground, legal ground, and on the ground of before or after establishment of U.N.O. Likewise national provisions of human rights have been classified on period basis before or after commencement of constitution of India. Further general and specific classifications of human rights have also been discussed. Part second deals firstly, with International human rights provisions whether codified or uncodified. Secondly, Indian constitutional statutory and other legal provisions for human rights and other natural and uncodified Indian human rights have been discussed. Fundamental Principles of human rights have been discussed. Part three comprises restrictions and limitations of human rights. Various impediments have also been considered. Impact of Emergency provisions have also been considered. Evaluation of present day position of human rights either at national and international level have been described. Role of N.G.Os. have also been described further. Contribution of various Commissions relating to human rights in India or abroad has also been touched upon. Lastly future position of human rights and suggestions for future reforms have been analyzed. Aleast 22 constitutions of various foreign nations along with legal provisions of U.N.O. or other international agencies have been critically examined.

Contents of this book include : An introduction and Historical Background; Concept and Classification of Universal Human Rights; Concept of Classification of National Human Rights; Human Rights Provisions; National Human Rights Provisions; Sundry Human Rights; Impediments of Human Rights; Present Position and Future Expectation of Human Rights.


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