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Indianization of Rights and Duties

In this temporal world, every nation has guaranteed basic and fundamental rights to its society as well as to its individual citizens without which none can live smoothly, and the existence of both shall come under danger. In a way, society and individual are complimentary to each other. The author has studied in depth the social, legal and constitutional status of as many as thirty-five countries along with international provisions of the United Nations in order to arrive at a justifiable conclusion.

Due regards have been given to the duties of individuals and society towards each other since rights and duties are co-relative. In many countries, there are express and direct provisions of fundamental duties in their constitution or otherwise. There are a few exceptional countries, which do not provide about fundamental duties directly or impliedly (indirectly). No state or nation can exclude the role of natural law in the application to the legal provision of that nation. Thus every individual or nation has to abide by the law of the nation for its smooth running. The present book deals with fundamental rights and duties of individual and society particularly in Indian context in detail.


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