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An Introduction to Jurisprudence

This book presents a comparative legal philosophy, on one hand, of the Hindu, Muslim and Chinese thought relating to the eastern world and communist philosophy of Russia, and on the other hand, western philosophy of the Greek, Roman, British and American thinkers. Although brief role of German, Australian and others thinkers for various other nations have also been taken up for consideration.

The book is divided into nineteen chapters. The first part of the book has six chapters. The first chapter deals with a brief outlook of the whole subject. Its gives a description of the real meaning of jurisprudence. The scope of jurisprudence and the relation of jurisprudence with other social sciences have also been taken up for study. Second chapter describes the meaning of law. A good discussion of thought of available philosophers of law has been taken up along with a new approach to existing law and future trends. Third chapter deals with the purpose of law and classification. Fourth chapter is about the administration of justice and morals. It also provided the natural keys to various theories of punishment, whether of civil or criminal type. Fifth chapter shows a comparative table of law and justice in western concept with the concept of Dharma and Nyaya of Indian oriental philosophy. Sixth chapter deals with the concept of state and sovereignty.

The second part of the book provides details about sources of law. Chapter seven describes concept and classification of source of law. Chapter eight provides description of first source of law, i.e. legislation. Chapter nine likewise details about precedents. Chapter ten discloses concept of and lastly chapter eleventh describes all the non-formal sources of law.

Part third provides details about techniques of law. Chapter twelve describes full details about legal rights. Chapter thirteen likewise submit details of ownership and possession. Likewise chapter fourteen gives us details of legal person. Concepts of title and liability have been considered in chapter fifteen and sixteen respectively. Chapter seventeen and eighteen provides us details of law of property and law of obligation. Chapter nineteen provides us discussion about law of procedure.


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