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Principle of legal system of Hindu, Muslims, Chinese, Jewish, Roman along with the basic principles for English Law as well as of various countries and Tribes of Africa have been compiled. Their original work has been collected so that the reader may know that system correctly. The book has been divided in two Parts and Nine chapters. Part 1 consist seven chapters and Part 2 consist of two chapters. Each legal system has been allotted one chapter.

Chapter 1 covers Legal System of Hindus,
Chapter 2 covers Legal System of Muslims,
Chapter 3 covers Legal System of Chinese,
Chapter 4 covers Legal System of Jewish,
Chapter 5 covers Legal System of Romans,
Chapter 6 covers Legal System of English,
Chapter 7 covers Legal System of Africa,
Chapter 8 covers Present Position and Future Prospects for these systems and last Chapter 9 deals with the Conclusion.


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