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An Introduction to Legal Theories

In this book a comparative legal philosophy, on one hand, of the Hindu, Muslim and Chinese thought relating to the eastern world and communist philosophy of Russia, and on the other hand, Western philosophy of Greek, Roman, British and American thinkers is given. Although brief role of German, Australia and other thinkers of various other nations have also been taken up for consideration.

The book is divided into two parts and have sixteen chapters. The first part of the book has four chapters. The first chapters deals with a brief outlook of the whole subject. It gives a description of the Greek Theories. Second chapter describe the meaning of Law, Justice and Ethics. A good discussion of thought of available philosopher of law has been taken up along with a new approach to existing law and future trends. Third chapter deals with Science and Legal Theories. Fourth chapter is about Legal Theories and Social Evolution. It also provides discussion how legal theories whether oriental, Continental, European, American and what so ever.

The second part of the book has twelve chapters. Fifth chapter deals with Analytical Theories which are also called positive theories. Sixth chapter deals with Pure Theory of law, It is a abstract chapter of legal theories. Chapter seven describes Historical and Anthropological Approaches. Chapter eight provides Economic Approaches. Chapter nine likewise details about Sociological Theories. Chapter ten provide real view of Realistic Theories. Chapter eleven describes Philosophical and Natural Law Theories. Further chapter twelve provides Oriental and Continental Approaches which is a unique feature of this book. Chapter thirteen disclose various kinds of Critical Legal Studies, likewise chapter fourteen provides a good work for weaker section of society under Feminine Theories. Chapter fifteen and sixteen are very latest and of recent origin. These describes Post-modern Theories and Current available Trends of Legal Theories.


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