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Constitutions of SAARC Nations

I have made an attempt in this book to show to the general public that what is the working and operation in every field of life and society and individual of various constitutions of SAARC Nations. I have focused attentions over them in every aspect of the constitution. The basic texts of every constitution have been reproduced as it is. Roughly all kinds of the provisions have been taken up for study to show the difference between written and unwritten and democratic and non-democratic constitution. Operating at present among SAARC Nations, I have vehemently, adopted to show to the public the basic difference between them. I have left to the reader of the book to decide which is the best king of constitution and to suggest me what should to be the next course of action while adopting the constitution or amending the constitution of any Nation.

The present book gives the reader the text of the leading constitutions of SAARC Nations with all amendments up-to-date. Democratic constitution of India, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh and Nepal likewise semi-democratic Constitution of Pakistan, Bhutan, Maldives have fully been considered. Also included is constitution of Afghanistan, a new member of SAARC. An attempt has been made to give complete constitutional working of SAARC Nations to make this book more and more informative and detailed. SAARC Nation have considered and depicted to show a comparative picture of the constitutional foundation of the government as well as foundation of SAARC Nations and human rights in SAARC countries. Each and every constitution have been taken up for study whether it may be neutral, autocratic, kingship, dictatorship, democrative or any other kind within sphere of SAARC countries. The book shall also be useful for those countries, which are although independent and they have the constitution, but certain reforms are required or they want to leave their conservativeness or fundamentalism.

The book has been divided into two parts of ten chapters. The part 1st deals with eight constitution of SAARC Nations. This part is divided into eight chapters. Chapter 1 elaborates Indian Constitution. Chapter 2 describes Constitution of Bangladesh. Chapter 3 focuses Constitution of Nepal, a tiny hill state. Chapter 4 describes constitution of Sri Lanka. Chapter 5 points out Constitution of Pakistan. Chapter 6 provides us Constitution of Bhutan. Chapter 7 lays down one of the latest Constitution of Maldives. Lastly chapter 8 describes constitution of Afganistan. Part 2nd is further sub-divided between two chapters. Chapter nine describes working of Constitutions among SAARC Nations and lastly chapter ten provides Conclusion and future Guidance.


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