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World Constitutions

in Two Volume

The present book studies the text of leading constitutions of the world. In all basic text of constitutions of thirty nations have been considered and depicted to show a comparative picture of the constitutions, foundation of the government as well as foundation of human rights in the world. Every type of constitution has been taken up for study whether it may be neutral, autocratic, kingship, dictatorship, democratic or of any other kind that may be called non-democratic including communist, federal or unitary.

This book in Two Volumes in divided into six parts. Part I deals with International documents like Universal Declaration of Human Rights. Part II includes Unwritten Constitution of United Kingdom, Constitutions of USA and Canada. Part III deals with Swiss Constitution as well as Constitutions of Russia, Eire, France, Germany, Albania, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Italy, Denmark, Yugoslavia, Netherlands and Norway. Part IV discusses the Constitutions of Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Australia, South Africa, Singapore, Japan, China, Cambodia, Indonesia and Burma. Part V includes Constitution of Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh and Nepal. Last VI deals exhaustively with the Constitution of India.

There was a necessity of bringing out such a book, keeping in view the heavy demand of human rights in the modern world, because the "Constitution of any nation is always the foundation of Human Rights". This book  gives worldly picture of constitutional operations. The book also shows a path of framing new constitution for nations, which are increasingly becoming independent. The book would be useful for those countries, which are although independent and they have the constitution, but certain reforms are required or they want to leave their conservativeness or fundamentalism. It is must for students, faculty, judiciary, all in legal profession, and those interested in constitutional studies.

"To understand a nation we must know its Constitution; to assess the status of the rule of law in a country one must have a perception of its Paramount Charter. Therefore, a global grasp of he present civilisation across the continents we need a great book the pages of which will educate us about the classic Constitutions of the World..... Dr. Gokulesh Sharma, through arduous industry and throughful erudition, has added a 'valuable book' to constitutional literature. It is a wonder how the author has managed so much knowledge and information that will enrich any law library by its lucent presence on the shining shelf."
- Justice V.R. Krishna Iyer
in his Foreword to this Book


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